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Please read the information below regarding the parking of vehicles, trailers, etc. on the street in the Clearview subdivision.  Even though residents may have recreational vehicles, trailers, etc. in the subdivision from Memorial Day to Labor Day they must comply with The Town of Johnstown Municipal Code.
Please reference Chapter 8, Article III, Section 8-41 – 8-48 of The Town of Johnstown Municipal Code as to particular rules and regulations that apply to the parking of the aforementioned vehicles on streets in Johnstown.

For further clarification per the Town of Johnstown Code Enforcement

Johnstown ordinance –

  • ANY vehicle parked in the street, including but not limited to cars and pickups cannot be parked within 5’ from the side of “ANY” driveway, including the homeowner’s driveway.
  • Any self-propelled RV’s greater in size than 8’ wide, 34’ long and 10’ tall cannot be parked in the street. These dimensions include, but are not limited to, ladders, spare tires, AC units, luggage racks or any other temporary extensions to the vehicle such as sleeping area extensions, bikes/bike racks, hitch mounted cargo carriers, etc.
  • An RV that is larger than these dimensions may apply for a temporary parking permit from the Johnstown Chief of Police.
  • ANY trailer parked on the street, must be hooked to a licensed/functioning tow vehicle at all times and can only be parked at that residence for up to but not exceeding 24 hours.
  • Unless someone is “actively” loading or working on that RV/camper trailer, any side extensions on RV’s/camper trailers cannot extend into the street or over the sidewalk.

ADA requirements and Johnstown ordinance –

  • Handicapped access ramps to the sidewalk cannot be blocked or impeded upon.
  • Any part of a trailer, boat or RV parked on a residential driveway or in the street, must not extend into the sidewalk right of way or impede passage on the sidewalk.
Clearview PUD HOA Filing 1 & 2 and Clearview 4 HOA  –
  • Items stored in boats and on campers or their attached tow vehicles, including but not limited to, skis, coolers, fishing poles, lawn chairs, bicycles, etc. must not be visible.

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Everyone is welcome to attend our Board of Directors meetings.  Here is a schedule:   Our Meetings begin at 6:30 on the 1st Wednesday of each month.



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This site pertains to Filing 1 and 2 only.  All others should contact Journey Homes for any questions or concerns. 



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